5 Tips to Avoid Being Duped by Storm-Chasing Roofing Companies in Columbus, Ohio

The image showcases a promotional ad for winter roofing estimates with a visible snow-covered roof in Dublin, Ohio.


Roofing, especially in the Columbus, Ohio region, is a necessity. But unfortunately, not every roofing company in the area has a spotless track record. Many Columbus homeowners tread cautiously when dealing with roofing companies, often due to past experiences or horror stories shared by neighbors.

The aftermath of a major storm brings not just damage but an influx of ‘storm chasers’ – roofing companies that capitalize on homeowners’ distress. At Exterior Alliance, our mission has always been to equip homeowners with the knowledge to guard against such scams.

Understanding Storm Chasers

The term ‘storm chaser’ might bring to mind daring individuals chasing extreme weather conditions for research or thrill. But in the roofing world, it has a much more insidious meaning.

‘Storm chasers’ in roofing are often fly-by-night companies that swoop into storm-hit areas like Central Ohio, lured by the potential to make a quick buck. They often employ aggressive sales tactics, sometimes combined with lowball pricing, to win business from distressed homeowners. And once the work is done (or sometimes half-done), they disappear, leaving homeowners with subpar roofs and no one to hold accountable.

The image shows icicles hanging from the roof of a house alongside text about winter roof maintenance myths and facts in Columbus.

5 Essential Tips to Shield Yourself from Storm-Chasing Scams

1. Local Presence is Key

Always inquire about the company’s local office and phone number. A genuine roofing company, like Exterior Alliance, will have a prominent presence in the Columbus, Ohio area, complete with a local phone number.

2. Verify Documentation

A reputable roofing contractor in Ohio should have the necessary license, bond, and insurance. Always ask to see these documents. They’re not just formalities; they’re protective measures for homeowners.

3. Stay Calm Amidst Claims of Damage

It’s natural to be alarmed when someone claims your home has suffered damage. But remember to stay calm. Scammers thrive on panic. Even if there is damage, you typically have ample time to file an insurance claim.

4. Avoid Signing on the Spot

Many storm chasers will pressure homeowners to sign contracts immediately. They might disguise this as a ‘free assessment’. Be wary of these tactics. Once you sign, you might be inadvertently committing to their service.

5. Contact Your Insurance and Trusted Local Roofers

If you suspect damage, the best course of action is to reach out to your insurance provider and a trusted local roofing company. They can provide a transparent and unbiased assessment of any damage.

Will Your Insurance Cover Storm Damage in Columbus?

Storm aftermath brings not just physical damage but also the question: “Will my insurance cover this?” It’s a legitimate concern. At Exterior Alliance, we guide homeowners in the Columbus area through the insurance claim process, ensuring they’re well-informed every step of the way.


Roofing troubles, especially in the aftermath of a storm, can be daunting. But with the right knowledge and by partnering with trusted local roofing experts like Exterior Alliance, homeowners in Columbus, Ohio can navigate these challenges with confidence.