Replacing your roof is both costly and time-consuming. Although on some occasions a replacement is necessary, many homeowners can avoid that scenario by being proactive. If you are a Columbus, Ohio homeowner, consider scheduling a free inspection by Exterior Alliance, LLC to see if a roof restoration is an option for you.

Roof restoration is the process of using highly engineered coating products to restore an existing roof deck to its former glory, thereby prolonging the life of your current roof. Restoration of a roofing system, rather than waiting to act until a roof replacement is necessary, has many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Cost-Effective – You can save thousands of dollars by having your roof restored before a replacement is required. The costs associated with tearing off and disposing of the old roof are eliminated. That’s money saved!
  • Environmentally Responsible – A quality roof restoration system is sustainable. At the end of the warranty term, another roof restoration can be applied and can be repeated for years. The need for tearing off an old roof is prevented.
  • Convenient – With a roof restoration, there is minimal disruption to your family because very little or no roof membrane will be removed.

Be proactive and schedule an inspection with Columbus, Ohio’s “Green Roofers.” Our professional team specializes in roof restorations, so allow us to save you time and money by extending the service life of your existing roof. Contact us today!