Columbus’ Most Trusted Hail Damage Repair Roofing Company

As most residents of Columbus, Ohio understand, the reality of owning a home in the area is having to deal with the existence of hailstorms. Many factors contribute to the amount and severity of roof damage wrought by hail. It is always important to have a professional inspect your roof after a hailstorm, as destruction may not be readily apparent. Although hail can be  small, the tiny hail beads can significantly damage the entire structure of your roof when they strike the shingles. Exterior Alliance, LLC will work with you and for you, as well as with your insurance company, to repair or replace your roof as necessary following hail damage.

Columbus, Ohio’s most trusted roofing professionals, Exterior Alliance, has extensive experience in providing insurance-based restoration services to our clients. We have a thorough understanding of the insurance claims process, and we will work with your insurance company efficiently and seamlessly to bring your property back to normal. We pride ourselves on our A rating with the Better Business Bureau and are committed to offering reliable, fast, and fair service to our customers.

If you are working with your insurance company to repair or replace your roof, or even if you merely suspect your roof was damaged in a hailstorm, contact us now or call today at 844-GO- ROOF-1 to speak with a professional and get a free assessment.