Replacing old, outdated siding is a vital task for all homeowners at some point during the life of the home. Professionally installing a durable, striking product not only enhances your home’s aesthetics and value but also improves your energy efficiency and protects your home from weather damage. Whether to boost your home’s curb appeal, increase its resale value, or make necessary repairs, Exterior Alliance will help determine the solution that best meets your needs and budget. We specialize in multiple types of siding, including vinyl, metal, wood, fiber, cement, brick, stucco, and stone.

Proudly serving the Columbus, Ohio area, Exterior Alliance, LLC has the experience and knowledge to be able to accurately assess your siding needs and deliver unrivaled craftsmanship and customer service. We are recognized as a Columbus, OH GreenSpot business, owed to our efforts of operating in an eco-friendly manner. We are proud of this title, and as such, we offer energy-efficient options and use only the highest quality materials.

Siding is a good asset to increase the curb appeal of your home. It’s especially true if you have a unique color or siding type compared to the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. Installing new siding from Exterior Alliance can be an immediate way for others to notice that improvements are being made to your house.

Installing new siding with Exterior Alliance can increase the lifespan of your property, which is good for both current owners who want to enjoy their homes longer and future owners who might be interested in purchasing a house with proper elements already installed.

To learn more information about our wide variety of siding options, or to schedule a consultation for a free estimate and get answers to your siding questions, contact Exterior Alliance today and speak with one of our specialists. We look forward to working with you!