At Exterior Alliance, LLC, our team of roofing contractors consistently meets the unique needs of each of our Columbus, Ohio commercial roofing customers. We are the best choice for commercial roofing projects, knowledgeable in the pros, cons, strengths, and weaknesses of every type of commercial roofing system available to protect your business. There are a variety of options for your commercial roof; depending on the needs of your commercial property, we will help select the right application to protect your business’s assets. Following are a few examples of roofing systems we offer:

Mechanically Attached – This is a flexible option that works on many existing roof systems. Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a roof layer that wicks water toward drains. In a mechanically attached application, we install the TPO with screws and plates as a top layer to the roof.

Fully Adhered – This option is strong and sturdy like a mechanical attachment, but allows for quicker installation and can be a more cost-effective solution. Instead of plates and screws, the TPO is installed with a glue-like bond.

Rhino Bond – The latest in technological developments, this option utilizes a hybrid of bonding and plating to weld a layer of TPO to the roof. The Rhino bond is one of the most robust and durable systems available.

Coatings – In some cases, a roof replacement may not be necessary. A high-grade poly coating may be a quick, cost-effective option to strengthen the overall structure of a roof and add years of life.

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