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Residential Roofing Services

Serving Columbus, Ohio With Quality & Pride

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Your home is the most important thing that you own, and it is vital that you protect it. Having a quality roof — installed by Columbus’ award-winning team of professionals at Exterior Alliance — is one of the best defenses you can provide to maintain the value and condition of your home. We use the highest quality products, employ expert craftsmen, and work with you from start to finish with professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else in Ohio.

Why Choose Exterior Alliance For Your Residential Roofing Needs?

Exterior Alliance has been serving the Columbus, Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, and surrounding areas for several years, and we’ve seen every type of roofing problem that can occur in our neighborhoods. We specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of residential roofs. Most of what we do centers around servicing roofs that are in need of insurance-based restoration because of storm damage. We are an award-winning company, and have been certified by the biggest names in the roofing industry for providing the highest quality craftsmanship and business practices in our region.

  • Years of experience in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding cities
  • Professional roof installation services
  • Roof repairs in accordance with insurance claims specialists
  • Maintenance for all residential, commercial, and historical properties
  • Regional awards for excellence in quality and business practices
  • Certified roofing contractors by several nationally and internationally recognized industry leaders
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Columbus, Ohio Roof Installation

No matter what kind of roof your residence has, our team of professional and certified roofing contractors can complete an installation quickly, with minimal interruption to your daily life, and to the high quality standards that we’ve been recognized for. We’ve worked with a wide variety of materials, so whether you’re looking for a modern roof design, or you’d like traditional or even vintage-looking shingle roofing for your home, we can handle it. No matter what your vision for home’s roof is, we are prepared and able to make it a reality. We will install your roof with the highest regard to workmanship, making sure that your home both looks incredible and is protected from all of the surprises that nature can throw at it. Take a look at some of the installations that we’ve done for satisfied Columbus, Ohio customers!

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Columbus, Ohio Roof Repair

Eventually, you will need to repair your roof. This is a fact for homeowners. Maybe someday there will be a roof that is indestructible, but until then, Exterior Alliance can provide your home with the greatest roof repair service available. Damage to your roof never comes at a convenient time, but Exterior Alliance is committed to providing our Columbus customers with fast, safe, and high-quality residential roofing repairs. Here are some of the warning signs to look out for that could indicate that it’s time for one of our inspectors to come out to your home and look at your roof.

  • Shingles are noticeably cracked, warped, shifted, or entirely missing
  • Areas around roof vents or chimney appear damaged or cracked
  • You’ve noticed areas of moisture collecting in your attic, or if parts of your roof visually appear wet or soggy
  • You experience the dreaded drip-drip of water after a rainstorm, or noticed water collecting where it has no business being
  • If your roof is 20 or more years old, the natural degradation of time warrants an inspection for structural integrity

Remember, if you need roofing repairs done on your home, we are experts at working with customers and their insurance providers. The majority of work that we do for Columbus residence falls under this category! You are in the best, most capable hands for repairs that need to be done to satisfy insurance claims.

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Columbus, Ohio Roof Maintenance

The forward-thinking homeowner knows that the best defense against needing a full roof replacement is being proactive about roof maintenance. There are several reasons to contact Exterior Alliance and get a free roof inspection! Finding problems before they snowball into something costly will save you time, energy, and money in the long run. Schedule a roof inspection today, and you have these benefits to look forward to:

  • You will be able to avoid the big bills that come with large repair or replacement jobs
  • Being a knowledgeable homeowner that is aware of the state of your property
  • You will be able to optimize your home’s energy efficiency, keeping cold air in when it’s hot, and warm air in when it’s chilly
  • Routine maintenance drastically extends the lifespan of your roof, making complete replacement less and less likely
  • You will be able to keep your home looking its best, increasing its curb appeal and keeping your home value high! When or if the time comes to sell your home, you’ll be thanking yourself for taking care of the roof
  • While your roof protects your home, it also protects those that live in your home. Regular maintenance to check for harmful variables, like mold and mildew, will help keep you and your family happy, safe, and healthy.

We believe that the relatively smaller expense of routine residential roofing maintenance will be a small price to pay when you consider the alternative. Do yourself and those you care about a favor and make routine roof maintenance a priority for your roof. The friendly experts at Exterior Alliance will walk with you through the entire inspection process and make sure that your roof is in the best shape it possibly can be. Contact us today and let us take care of your roof!

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Columbus Ohio’s Weather Damage Repair Specialists

Wind Damage Repair

When the wild winds blow and cause damage to your home’s roof, you can turn to Exterior Alliance to bring your roof back to its pre-loss condition. We are experts in residential roof repair, specializing in working with insurance-based restoration procedures. Our service is professional, of the highest quality, and strives for minimal interruption of your daily life. Even if you’re not sure that your roof was damaged during the last severe wind storm, you can contact Exterior Alliance, and we will provide you with a free inspection to determine the extent of any damage that may have occurred. Damage from wind may not always be obvious, so it is important to maintain the value of your home and integrity of your roof by letting experts like us take a look at your property after tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, or blizzards impact your area of Central Ohio.

Hail Damage Repair

The common occurrence of hail is one of the realities that we get to deal with by living in Ohio. That is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to offer the highest quality, professional, residential roofing hail damage repair services in Columbus, Ohio. Similar to wind damage, hail damage may not always be immediately apparent, so it is important to give us a call after significant hail storms. One of our licensed professional inspectors will come out to your property and determine what, if any, damage occurred, and provide you with a free quote on repair services. We are well-versed in working with insurance companies, and we will walk with you through every step of that process. We pride ourselves at working with our customers to understand how insurance claims work in regards to roofing repairs, and being on your side through the whole process. We received that A+ from the BBB for a reason!

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Brands We Use For Residential Roofing

At Exterior Alliance, we have taken care to only use the highest quality materials when we work on your residential roofing projects. We wish to serve Columbus and the surrounding area with products that are exceptional, and service that exceeds your expectations. Our years of experience in roofing and our high standard of craftsmanship has led us to partner with the following brands:

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