Experience the Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System with Exterior Alliance

As the leading experts in residential and commercial roofing in Dublin, Ohio, Exterior Alliance is committed to delivering superior quality and performance with the Owens Corning® Total Protection Roofing System®. This system is ingeniously designed to provide robust performance in three critical areas of roof protection: SEAL, DEFEND, and BREATHE®.

SEAL: The Foundation of a Dry and Durable Roof

A solid roof starts with a strong seal. This layer is the essential barrier that keeps water out of your home during Dublin’s rainy and snowy seasons. At Exterior Alliance, we take extra care to ensure this foundation is laid right, whether it’s during new residential roofing projects or commercial roofing installations.

DEFEND: Your Roof’s Armor

Your roof’s shingles are the armor against Dublin’s volatile weather. Owens Corning® shingles are renowned for their resilience, offering a protective and aesthetic top layer for your roof. If you’re considering a new installation, consider our metal roofing options for their lasting durability.

BREATHE: Ensuring Longevity Through Ventilation

Proper ventilation is critical to preventing moisture buildup and managing attic temperatures. This is where our expertise in roofing systems shines, ensuring your home breathes correctly, regardless of the season.

Optimizing Your Roof’s Health

When considering roof maintenance or addressing weather damage, understanding the importance of each component is vital. If your home has suffered from the brunt of a storm, learn about our hail damage roofing services and storm damage solutions. Don’t forget about the significance of gutters in preserving the integrity of your roofing system.

Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetics and Functionality

Beyond protection, your roof contributes significantly to your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. Consider adding skylights to bring natural light into your home, or explore our siding services to refresh your home’s exterior.

Free Roof Assessments and Tailored Solutions

Ready to assess the condition of your roof? Exterior Alliance offers free roof estimates to help you make informed decisions. Whether it’s for multi-family roofing or specialized roof coatings, we’re here to provide tailored solutions.

Don’t Wait for Damage to Worsen

Acting promptly on roof repairs can save you from costly damage down the line. If you’re noticing signs of wear, particularly after strong winds, our wind damage roofing services are here to restore your roof’s integrity.

For expert guidance and comprehensive roofing services, reach out to Exterior Alliance, your Dublin, Ohio roofing specialists. We are here to ensure your roof offers total protection, all year round.