4 FAQ About Architectural Shingles

The image shows a patterned shingle rooftop with a scenic view of green fields and trees in the background.

If you are preparing for a roof replacement project, there are several materials you can choose to install on the home. Architectural shingles are some of the most popular, as they are more advanced, durable, and fashionable than traditional asphalt models. However, since they aren’t as common, you may have some questions about them. Below are answers to some of these inquiries to help you decide.

What You Should Know About Architectural Shingles

What are they?

While architectural shingles are similar to traditional models, they use a different material for the base. For example, asphalt varieties use either fiberglass or recycled paper base that is mixed with asphalt. While they are durable, they are prone to damage if water gets behind the shingles. On the other hand, architectural shingles use a thick fiberglass mat as a base, and then ceramic-coated granules are placed on top and covered with asphalt. This process creates thicker shingles that have a textured finish, giving your roof depth and visual interest.

What are the benefits?

Since architectural shingles are thicker, they last much longer than traditional varieties. They can better withstand rain and snow, as the fiberglass base resists moisture. Additionally, they weigh more, so strong winds are less likely to pull them from the home. Aside from durability, many people think these shingles look better on the home. They are often referred to as “dimensional shingles,” as the textured surface makes the roof look more dynamic. Plus, they are available in more colors, allowing you to customize the home’s appearance.

Do they have any unique features?

The image shows a patterned shingle rooftop with a scenic view of green fields and trees in the background.

Depending on your needs for roof replacement, you can choose from several types of architectural shingles. For example, if you live near many trees, you can opt for a model that resists impacts, as this protects the home if a branch falls. Alternatively, you can get shingles that are treated with a reflective coating, which prevents the sun from transferring excess heat into the home, keeping it cooler.

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How can I prepare for the installation?

The process of installing architectural shingles is similar to other roof replacement projects, which means preparation is the same. First, remove items that are hanging on your walls or sitting on shelves mounted to the wall, as the vibrations from construction can knock them off. Next, clear any furniture that is outside the house so that your roofing contractors have access to the property. If you store items in your attic, cover them with tarps so that dust and debris don’t fall on them while the contractors work.

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